Major Update!

For almost two years things were pretty quiet over here. I had no time posting any updates and new scores were coming in every day. You probably noticed, but I do my best to list only one version of a score. So let me shed some light on the things I have to do, before they are listed on this site:

If I have the score already in a different version, I have to compare them first to assemble and catalog the longest, best quality version. For this, I usually try to find slates and original cue titles whenever possible and I watch the films so I can order the cues chronologically. I try to get all the releases there are - official soundtracks, promos, compilations, old CD-R bootlegs, recording sessions... This takes a lot of time.

So here is the first major update this year. Lots of scores have been added already, some have been upgraded to a lossless format. Game scores will now be listed as well. Updates will come regularly, however I won't list them on the Scorelist updates anymore. It's a great way finding out, which scores have been added lately, but they just take too much time to write that I rather use for other projects, like the Slate Estate archive. Some day, I'd like to have the biggest slate archive there is on the net. It is still a long way...