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  • FILM / TV
  • VGM

Alejandro Amenábar The Others (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Alf Clausen The Simpsons TV Episodes
Basil Poledouris Free Willy (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Christopher Young The Core (Sessions)
Christopher Young The Glass House (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Christopher Young Urban Legend (Sessions, 31 cues, 77 min, lossless)
David Shire The Hindenburg (Expanded/Complete)
Ennio Morricone Mission To Mars (Sessions)
George S. Clinton Hellbound
Harry Gregson-Williams Chicken Run (Complete/Sessions)
Howard Shore Panic Room (Complete/Sessions)
Jacob Groth Män som hatar kvinnor (aka The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
James Horner Flightplan (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
James L. Venable Scary Movie 3 (Complete)
Jeff Danna Fracture (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
John Debney The Greatest Showman (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
John Powell Chicken Run (Complete/Sessions)
John Williams Catch Me If You Can (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Lalo Schifrin Rollercoaster (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Lee Holdridge Skyway To Death
Marc Shaiman Patch Adams (Sessions, 27 cues, 51 min.)
Marcelo Zarvos Hollywoodland (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Mychael Danna Fracture (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)
Randy Edelman Daylight (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)

Elia Cmiral The Last Express (Expanded/Complete/Sessions)